Beautiful Stones

Beautiful stone…where do you come from?


Every time I visit the local bio shop, I firstly go to have a look at the section with gems. They so pretty! And, as always, it fascinates me that something that pretty comes from the nature. I want to touchy touchy…And every time, there are these very nice unpolished pieces of stones as well. But they never had the RIGHT one that would make me buy it. Until few days back. They had this beautiful sympathetic amethyst – my favourite stone. So I decided to buy it and they had it in a form of a bracelet, too. Yea, I took them both, because I had one bracelet with a moon stone at home and this amethyst one would be a nice companion to it, especially for the summer. That is, if summer ever gets to Denmark 😀

When I had it at home, the beautiful unpolished piece of stone on my table and the bracelet on my hand, I thought of where do they come from. Is this stone business basically same as the one with mined electronics components? What could be the country of origin and did digging them out harmed the people or the environment?

I googled a bit and found out that according to amethyst often comes from Mexiko, Brazil, sometimes from Namibia and South Africa (African Amethyst), Canada (mainly Ontario) or from several locations in USA. Amethyst can be found in Europe as well. I haven´t found anything specifically about the amethyst mining and treating of the miners or environment, but in general nothing that is being mined on a big scale can not be good for the ecosystems. I can also imagine that the miners are not treated very well in the developing countries.

Does any of you guys, have more information about this topic? If so, please share it so that we all are more informed 😊


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