My guided tour of Odense Recycling Station (Odense Renovation A/S)

I had been planning to visit one of the eight Odense Renovation local recycling centres in Odense for some time now. After a very short email communication, the visit was set up and the guide was happy to talk. I took my notes and decided to write an article about it, to give you a... Continue Reading →

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VINITHA bags is a company founded by an inspiring Slovak girl living in Sri Lanka. The bags and wallets are handmade by local women, which supports local community. They have beautiful unique design and are fair trade. VINITHA bags are shipped worldwide. You can buy them here 🙂 and find the company on Instagram as... Continue Reading →

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Enliven is a Danish start up striving to create fashion pieces made out of biodegradable natural materials such as hemp. Hemp is one of the most sustainable textile options out there. Their products do not contain any microplastic fibers, all the used textiles are GOTS certified which ensures safety for the environment and our health... Continue Reading →

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  If I hadn't moved to Denmark, I would maybe never even consider having oatmeal for breakfast. Back at home, in Slovakia, I would always have a piece of bread with either a butter and a jam, or some kind of a bread spreading and cut veggies on the side. During the summer, I would... Continue Reading →

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